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About Arvind

My name is Arvind, I trade since 11 years. What I’ve learned over this time is that it is possible to make money in the markets, but in the beginning it was  bloody hard…

I live in Chennai, India. I prefer to trade with medium to long time frames such as 15 Mins, 1-hour, 4-hour.  I started off like any Forex trader – overconfident at first (because it looked easy), then became quickly overwhelmed by the complex environment I made for myself. You see, I was trading using recommended indicators combinations, and chart templates. For me this was quite off putting, as I didn’t really want to sit in front of the computer all day tracking an overbearing amount of data, that was really beyond any persons limits.

Determined to avoid this complication – I started researching trading Forex without indicators and quickly found my place with price action based strategies. This is basically the technique and methodology of making trading decisions from actual price movements on clean, plain price charts.

I’ve been trading with price action strategies since 2007 and I am proud of my achievements in the market.

So here I am today, showing other traders what I have learned through my trading journey. But it doesn’t stop there – I am always researching, developing and testing new strategies and money management systems.

Regardless of what level of Forex trader you are – I am confident you will find something useful here.

Why I started LearnForexTrading.in website

I like to trade and I like to write about trading and teach people how to trade better and earn money. I’ve read many books about trading, but only few of them were good enough to prepare you for market reality. That’s why I started this site. You can trade better by gaining your trading edge. How? For example by trading with leading indicators, like Fibonacci tools, pivot points and building a solid trading plan around it. Price Action is a important thing when it comes to trading.

I gained an interest in web development at the age of 20. I used these skills and my knowledge to create this and many other websites, and continually use them to expand and improve the site to give my followers the best experience here.

One of the best ways to move forward is by teaching others what you know. By mentoring other traders about Forex – I keep myself in check.

The site is self fulfilling – by helping other traders get on their feet, helping them move forward, and giving them a good understanding about Forex trading has only strengthened my skills as a trader. You can never stop growing, helping others is a good way to self-improve.

When I first started this website, I didn’t expect it to take off so quickly. It’s growing everyday!

This website is an ongoing project and I work hard each day to implement new features, updates and improvements. I only publish quality information for my visitors, and thrive to maintain a high standard in everything I do.

What can you learn ?

If you’re a beginner and you would like to learn the basic principles of Forex trading and how the market works, then you can check out our Forex Beginners Course in this website. I focus mostly focus on Fibonacci and Fundamental News. In addition, I don’t use other Indicators such as moving averages, CCI, RSI, MACD, Oscilators and others. I have my set of trading tools, but from time to time I use other tools.

If you’re really serious about price action trading, and want to learn all of our professional price action strategies and money management plans in detail – then I offer Forex Price Action Course. I currently offer which will give you access to our advanced price action course and plus much more.

I try to post many trade examples – some real, some missed opportunities. The goal is to see trading tools in action. I also write about other trading techniques such as Renko or Fundamental news strategies, so you can pick up your favourite ones and add to trading plan. If you’re that serious trader who thinks they could benefit from our forex price action strategies, then you can join the course.

Getting in touch with me

Please don’t get in touch with me if you’re only after free Forex signals, or if you’re a broker trying to market your business to me!

Your Feedback is Important to Me – Please Submit a Comment below…


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